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Runway Research is enabling the impossible. Our mission is to build multimodal AI systems to enable new types of creativity tools.

Deep neural networks for image and video synthesis are becoming increasingly precise, realistic and controllable. In a couple of years, we have gone from blurry low-resolution images to both highly realistic and aesthetic imagery allowing for the rise of synthetic media. Large language models and models with shared text-image latent spaces, such as CLIP, are now also enabling new ways of interacting with software and synthesizing media. Diffusion models are a prime example of the power of such approaches. Runway Research is at the forefront of these developments and we ensure that the future of content creation is both accessible, controllable and empowering for users.

Creative A.I

We believe that deep learning techniques applied to audiovisual content will forever change art, creativity, and design tools.

What we do

Beyond the next best algorithm that achieves state-of-the-art performance on a benchmark, we want to design models which provide users abstractions to create and allow people to tell stories in new ways.

Join Gen1 Runway

We’re hiring for a variety of roles across research, engineering. We are based in New York, but welcome remote applications from everywhere.
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